Our Vision

Although Burbage is now classed as an urban centre, it still retains a rural atmosphere and remains a village to its community. It is important that we protect, create and enhance our open spaces and maintain the semi-rural setting by encouraging sympathetic and sustainable designs in our new developments.

We will endeavour ensure that development activity enhances our community and not smother it.

Burbage has a strong, vibrant and healthy community, which we will maintain and improve by creating accessible local services and improving the support it needs for both its cultural and social wellbeing.

We will encourage local employment for residents by providing more opportunities for our local businesses to develop. We will support our schools in order for them to provide the care for our children that is required.

By providing this vision we will ensure a thriving village community which encompasses an excellent public transport and walking/cycling network. By designing out crime, we can ensure our community’s safety is met.